Asian rice crisis starts to bite

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Other nations, including Argentina, Canada and some European countries, have adopted similar, but more restrained, biofuel policies. Six months ago Zhou Jian closed down his car parts business and launched himself as a pork butcher. But what are the factors that led to this global unrest? Like many young Italian families faced with rising food prices and low wages, the Azi family is having to make cutbacks. Fluctuations in rice prices and shortages in supply could potentially touch off unrest [AFP] Cambodia has become the latest Asian country to impose restrictions on exports of rice — the staple food for half the world's population. This page was last edited on 12 Septemberat In late Aprilrice prices hit 24 cents a poundtwice the price that it was seven months earlier.

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The government has not prepared for this dilemma.

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Hunger. Strikes. Riots. The food crisis bites

So we're saying, yes there is a crisis, but let's revamp the old traditions and live better. Palm oil prices jumped nearly 70 per cent last year, hitting the poorest families. Zoellick was also clear that action was now urgently needed. Not surprisingly, these swiftly rising prices have unleashed serious political unrest in many places. Why do the Italians live longer than us? Retrieved from " https:

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asian rice crisis starts to bite
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asian rice crisis starts to bite
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