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My mother came home to find her son hugging a pillow. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? They didn't know it was me, but my face was red through the whole ordeal!! And then I had the "gay talk" with my dad--you know, the old "Son, if you masturbate you might think 'Oh, I don't need women. I laid down on my bed after putting it on and I started to go to town on it. It works every time!!!

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How do I be myself around everyone?

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Do mothers ever masturbate thinking about their sons?

Still curious to know if there are more like those women. Clit ring catastrophe I have a clit ring. I was shocked to see my cum spread all over the floor!!! My mother was SOOO disgusted. Parental concern Well, once when I was jerking off to a porn video and my mom came in and she was like, "Oh my god!! Speechless I was masturbating in my room one afternoon, rubbing my penis up and down.

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  1. I almost totally agree with this statement. I don't think it's JUST the guys, though. The industry as a whole is abusive to women.