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For reference, I tried to hook up with a guy with a 9-inch dick a few times. Penis just defaults to good for me. Lots of fun for oral but anal was a no-no. Anyway i had dated this one girlfriend freshman year of highshool and i really thought we were happy but I visited her once on break and when i went through her phone she had hidden files of her being pounded by black guys at parties. I at this point had at least 3 white friends lose their girlfriends to muscular goodnlooking black men who had reputations for being hung like moose.

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Only Squidward could consume that many patties that quickly.

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71 Gay Men On How They Handle The ‘Size Gap’ Between Them And Their Partner

I would love to be as big as him though. New to Old Created: I go get it. But over all, Black men are on average bigger. Once you get in If you're insensitive about the size of your penis, here are natural ways to make it look bigger without any medical repercussion whatsoever. That can make up to a couple of centimetres difference.

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