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Carl is having a problem with his nightmares, so he convinces Jimmy to help him. Jimmy's parents are on vacation for the week and Jimmy is left with Carl's family. Feeling unappreciated around the house, Judy takes a week off at a spa, with Jimmy inventing a replacement robo-mother. While returning from a space voyage, Jimmy and his friends get zapped by the Van Pattern Radiation Belt and gain superpowers. Jimmy creates two Nanobots designed to fend off bullies, but they end up wreaking havoc.

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Jimmy neutron gif

Views Read Edit View history. This one-hour episode has a special theme in the beginning. Jimmy attempts to rescue Brobot and his parents from the Junkman's ship. Carl wants to impress a girl by pretending to be a genius, and making Jimmy seem unintelligent in comparison to him. When his friends are too busy to help test his new pogo stick, Jimmy invents a little brother robot who soon becomes annoying.

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