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When he saw what Lindsay was doing…he was very thankfully that she wasn't an angel. It doesn't seem that comfy. Despite popular support for Trent, who many believed was unfairly eliminated at Gwen's hands, Cody still supported Gwen, even calling her hot and displaying her bra, which he had held onto ever since he had acquired it from her in Up the Creek. Lindsay said nothing back but she did move his hands up and to her breasts. As Lindsay's body was finally fully freed of the clinging shirt, the quick motions of the pull caused those behemoth breasts of hers to bounce up and down, causing Cody's eyes to follow them up and down even as his head remained perfectly frozen.

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Trust me you don't want to know.

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Cody and Gwen

This is my first Scoterra fic and I'm actually hoping this happens so are quite a few other people on the forum we have here. This… sight… Does this make me gay or just bicurious? Scott turned on the water and the bathroom started to steam up. Even more odd, her mouth was moving like she was chewing or at least tasting something. Bridgette went to Courtney and began massaging her shoulders, Gwen went to Cody and kissed him on the lips, they moved their hands across their bodies as their kiss continued, and Cody moved his hand to Gwen's butt and squeeze it, making her moan, the two kept making out until they got on the bed and the real fun begins, Cody asked Gwen to take her bikini off and she did leaving her naked, Cody got his trunks off revealing his 13in cock and told Gwen to get lay on the bed, she did and he got on top of her and insert his cock in her taking her v-card in the process, after waiting for the pain to subside he started to move, Cody moved in a steady pace and was having fun having sex, Gwen moaned and so did Cody every time he moved in and out of her.

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