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One particular study showed that when men with fertility problems stopped taking baths, 5 out of 11 noticed a dramatic increase in sperm count. Low temperatures constrict blood vessels, which can cause a spike in blood pressure. BB code is On. Sweating it out and vomitting, before class or work. I suspect you will do the same, it gets suffocatingly hot. Well, the opposite is actually true.

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Something about feeling the water on my skin and the warmth.

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Various forms of hydrotherapy have also been recorded in China and Japan. Another study, also on the effects of winter swimming in cold water, showed that red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets count increased significantly after brief exposure to cold water. If it helps you, why worry about it? I used to sit in the shower after I got into it real bad. Stephanie, I have really poor circulation, too, and I take really hot baths, but I'd never linked the two. Based on my research, p eople with high blood pressure are advised against taking cold showers.

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addicted to hot showers
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addicted to hot showers
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