Asian shaved ice in atlanta

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I tried to go by the green trailer Orleagian Snowballs early last summer. Ice is too hard and chunky, snow is much better. Taro flavored shaved ice snow with lychee, blueberries and pomegranates at Snowville Shavery. Green tea crepe cake at Summer Memory Station I had my first taste of a layered crepe cake at Lady Ma bakery that opened in New York in and garnered praise for its delicate cakes filled with Japanese-inspired ingredients. Hokulia can't get their permit stuff figured out and I need a fix!

A thick slice of white bread as pillowy as Wonderbread but with way more flavor is covered with puffed-up marshmallows burnished bronze with a torch, then topped with a chocolate drizzle and pinch of crumbled graham crackers.

shaved ice with fruit - Picture of Restaurant Penang Malaysian Cuisine, Atlanta

Snow-cones and shaved ice aka snow balls are a world apart. I got the taro flavor. I can't vouch for any of these places. I went out of my way to go get one when they opened here. Oh, and the coffee is pretty good, too. A snow cone sucks and is no sub for a real snow ball. Instead, it may have saved it.

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