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You are commenting using your WordPress. As fun as this kind of research is to read about, watching animals get down in the hopes of detailing their climaxes in a scholarly manner appears to have gone out of style. Their study found that the level of dominance of the male macaque might play a role, for instance. Watch the video on Youtube. That seems a bit cerebral for such a basic function as sex. Birkhead spent years trying to observe the birds getting down, culminating in a study published in The two females rub their genital swellings laterally together.

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We are entering a new phase in the history of sciences, with a more symmetrical input from each gender.

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The Functions of the Orgasms

Why are American male infants still subjected to this barbaric procedure? Click here to have it e-mailed to you. First, women retain a vestigial internal clitoris- functioning organ, the notorious GSpot. In such circumstances it is obvious that the neocortex the part of the brain related to intellectual activities is at rest and no longer in control of the archaic brain structures in charge of vital functions such as giving birth. You are insisting on a very simple model of reproduction which leaves out how reproduction actually happens. My nonfiction books are on the topics of law, social policy, psychoanalysis, psychology, psychiatry, sexology, anthropology, enthnopharmacology, education, art, music and biography.

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dolphin fetus orgasm
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dolphin fetus orgasm
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