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A close-up of an older black woman being very happy. Portrait of a stern black woman. It also means uncivilized, uncouth, barbarous, savage. In contrast, women of European ancestry were more likely to be colonized by M. Bacterial vaginosis BV is characterized by a shift in the vaginal microflora away from a low-diversity profile predominated by lactic acid-producing acidophiles to a high-diversity profile in which acidophiles are the minority Goldenberg et al.

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Cultural and religious conversion was considered to be an altruistic act with imperialist undertones; colonizers believed that they were reforming and correcting Khoisan culture in the name of the Christian faith and empire.

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Differences in vaginal microbiome in African American women versus women of European ancestry

ISME J 1— When lactobacilli were present in the vaginal microbiomes of women of European ancestry, they tended to dominate the microbial population and these microbiomes exhibited low diversity Fig. Portrait of an older couple standing close and looking at each other isolated. Prevalence of microbiome profiles among ethnicities When grouped according to the predominating bacterial species, the samples from non-pregnant subjects analysed in this study fell into six distinct microbiome profiles: Again, this is not a blanket theory. Back to search Esc.

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