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I finished my shower, wrapped a towel around me and walked back to the room where my change of clothes was. Literally spent the entire day in bed masturbating minus bathroom breaks. I just feel used and dirty. She watched as a toweled myself off. This went on for a while, having sex with both of them until I got my period when I was 11 and my mom had the talk with me.

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It was an even bigger turn on now having it exposed to her this way and her reactions to it.

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It was so silky smooth and I found I liked it. Another memory was us with our backs to each other, bent over holding our ass cheeks apart and looking at the other from between our legs. He tried to offer me a whole ounce of I let him fuck me. I can honestly say that there is no surface in my childhood home that I had not humped. I got a talking to that night about how that was inappropriate behavior.

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true sex confessions stories
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true sex confessions stories
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