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Donor insemination provoked heated public debate. This is generally based on the principle that a child has a right to know his or her biological origins. Less commonly, donor sperm is prepared for use in other assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF and intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI. Instead of taking the sperm from the husband, the professor chloroformed the woman, then let his medical students vote which one of among them was "best looking", with that elected one providing the sperm that was then syringed into her cervix. Despite this, some private sperm donors offer both natural and artificial insemination, or they may offer natural insemination after attempts to achieve conception by artificial insemination have failed. The Southern Baptist Convention holds that sperm donation from a third party violates the marital bond. Even where there are limits on the use of sperm by a particular donor to a defined number of families as in the UK the actual number of children produced from each donor will often be far greater.

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Grazi, MD, Joel B.

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Sperm donation

Donor sperm may also be used for producing embryos with donor eggs which are then donated to a female who is not genetically related to the child she produces. The use of sperm donation is most common among single women and lesbians. Cambridge University Press, For those using egg donation, the recipient is usually asked to take medications so that the lining of the uterus is prepared for the implantation of the embryos. In the media, there have been reports of some donors producing anywhere from over 40 offspring [30] to several hundred or more. Though one passed away early in her pregnancy, Cohen was able to carry her baby boy Coby Jack to term. By using these services, donors can find offspring despite the fact that they may have donated anonymously.

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