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A cop infiltrates the school while posing as a student to shut down the still, and Granny Goode must sniff out the rat while preparing for the annual Halloween dance. Common Sense says Satisfying horror sequel has tons of blood, strong language. Adult Written by evanm21 October 19, But, despite her best efforts, Laurie cannot destroy the unstoppable force that is Michael Myers, nor can Dr. The film would present a fascinating postmodern quandary, challenging the audience to distinguish between actual artifice and the deliberate artifice of the film medium for themselves, where most films do that analytical work internally.

Two teen boys also turn up to be pretty pointless, making buffoons of themselves before leaving the movie with little impact.

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I felt ashamed walking out of the theatre only because I funded and basically condoned story about revenge and mindless slaughter. Lynda at least gets to have about two minutes of sexual bliss before Myers kills her. Even if some arcs aren't as fleshed out as they could've or should've been. Helped me decide It is a flashback on Michael Meyers' first kill - his sister.

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