The slingshot sexual position

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What do I do? You can't argue with results. Anyway, the woman proceeds to do what she needs to do with the half of you that isn't on the floor, while the rest of you just kind of takes it and thinks about life, groceries, and why your head suddenly feels so heavy and warm. Add me to the daily newsletter. Not that I don't have to work to find people to have sex with me -- it's pretty much a full-time job -- but this is the first time I ever got paid for it, so thanks Cracked!

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For this to work, half of the manfellow has to be on the bed.

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The slingshot sexual position

Goddamn you to Hell! I had to try it, because the picture made me think of docking a boat or maybe a subway car pulling into the station, and being a man these machine-like images appeal to me. Can you visualize it? Probably shatter a ball or something to boot. This is pretty good unless you have a sinus issue, in which case you might asphyxiate.

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the slingshot sexual position
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the slingshot sexual position
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