Itchiness in vagina after losing virginity

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On the 22 I thouhgt i started my period; however, since i have not had any sign of starting. I know it's like the least romantic thing to do after sex, but it keeps the urine infections at bay. I lost my virginity two Saturdays ago and everything was fine. I hope this helps. Changes in my period? Well, did you see his results?

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Pre come clear liquid shouldn't be white or discoloured.

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Lost my virginity and I am itchy and swollen?

The friction of first time sex has probably iritated your vagina and you probably have thrush. You're probably allergic to the latex in the condom like you said, or you could have a yeast infection. Pregnancy can cause hormonal changes that can also cause vaginal itching. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Does being obese gonna affect my sex life? You could be having an allergic reaction to the latex in the condom when you used it, maybe try non latex, or you could have a yeast infection, you can use monistat and it takes care of it. I recently lost my virginity, and now my vagina is itchy?

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itchiness in vagina after losing virginity
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