Moral issues on masturbation

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Finally, it is presumed that any Christian struggling with the sin of masturbation will avail himself of all "necessary means", both physical and supernatural, to overcome this vice and progress in virtue. You have a misleading message. The nature and purpose of things inform our understanding of Natural Law. That is, no matter how many times that we may vote to make gravity stronger, or no matter how many decrees, edicts, or opinions of the Supreme Court that may be issued to reduce the pull of gravity, nothing can change its nature — God designed it and we cannot change it. As we commit evil acts against Natural law our conscious will let us know. No matter how the evil may try to tell you that you don't need to confess it or that it is not a serious sin.

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This is not to say the act is not objectively sinful, only that there are circumstances in which the person's guilt for that sin may be diminished.

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Why Masturbation is Morally Evil & How to Free Yourself From It

This article has really inspired me and encouraged me to be the kind of young man God has created me to be. But the Catholic Church has taken a different approach. The purest and chaste Virgin Mother is of great help and support. This error was understandable when we knew very little about how we wire our brains, when we believed shame was the only means of making masturbation a self-defeating obsession, and when supranormal sexual stimulation was not as ubiquitous—and therefore over-stimulation less commonplace pre-Internet. But if you want to be free the self-lust of masturbation then start by making a firm decision.

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moral issues on masturbation
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moral issues on masturbation
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