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The claim is that a sexy stimulus distracts the consumer and no counterarguments are initiated. Other broad issues, such as the overall image of corporate advertising and consumers' rights in avoiding media content which they deem offensive also must be considered when sexually-oriented advertising is evaluated. Doing it Down Under: One minute, you're willing to slice open a sheep's intestine in order to enjoy the processed meat product cooked inside it, and the next minute, a guy announces that he invented a way to case, cook and uncase the hot dog before it ever leaves the factory. The measure appears to be without artifacts and does not seem to interfere with attention to the stimuli. Even though distraction hypotheses do not form the theoretical bases for the reported research on sex in advertising, there is evidence that distraction provides the rationale for its practical use.

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Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Therefore, the effectiveness of the ad, both in terms of cognitive affect and search motivation, may be much less than for an ad which depicts the brand in a more meaningful, product-relevant way. Copy suggestiveness may, therefore, be a more important variable for women than formerly thought. The most convincing evidence for the lack of impact of sexual stimuli on brand name recognition is presented by Chestnut et al. Wikipedia pending changes protected pages. That fairy tale book has nothing to do with wiener fairies and you know it, you sick old lady.

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naked people and sexual innuendos
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naked people and sexual innuendos
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