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But as I learn more about photography, and want to experiment more, I am beginning to realize that I need more control in these parts as well. You must log in or sign up to reply here. The PRO-1 offers great paper handling, as well, with the ability to handle 13 x 19" and 14 x 17" sheets up to gsm in weight. They can also print extremely large—Icon recently had a job making prints nearly 60 inches wide by 15 feet long. They are indeed great work horses. Find out about black-and- white. I have scanned with the f at both dpi and dpi and I believe there is no gain in going higher than dpi really.

Do I wish it had the roll-feed option?

which scanner best for advanced amateur

Rest of the specs appear to be similar. Am I right in understanding that all film scanners cannot be included given the budget? DNP also makes a more portable unit with touchscreen, SD card reader, etc. I think you'll have trouble finding a scanner in that price range that can do a credible job with slide film many have poor dynamic range. My conclusion was that as much as I'd like to own a dedicated 35mm scanner, and even though it was clearly superior for larger prints, for right now the flatbed epson serves my needs quite well, which is for internet and the occasional small prints. However, Epson probably got rid of the compact fluorescence bulb in the primarily to both lower cost, and ease disposal concerns. The Year in Review, Joseph P.

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