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How did you like The Bare Facts? At the end of the episode the camera pulls away and reveals that Mojo has definitely "stripped more than his power" as the Mayor has been stripped nude, save for his hat and monocle, asking the Powerpuff Girls to tell him what was so funny. Rob Renzetti Craig McCracken. So let's get to stripping, girls! In the beginning, Blossom was studying conversational Chinese, when she and her sisters get a call from Ms. I swear on my coming grave.

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Nano of the North

Next chapter will involve the girls playing video games. Retrieved from " http: Bellum that the Mayor had been kidnapped. When the Professor is away, the girls strip and play. Bubbles struggled to get Buttercup off, barely succeeding as they rolled all over each other and continued to argue. We'll won't get into any trouble.

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