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This might seem grossly naive, but I think that if a group of 4th or 5th graders were given such lists, they would be able to find a viable solution. Israel has extended generous offers enabling the creation of a Palestinian state — the Palestinians rejected all offers. I believe Hashem will give us peace with our neighbours once we make peace amongst ourselves. Arab countries are to supply electricity, gas, fuel and medical aid to wounded and sick Palestinians in Arab hospitals. Until then, we literally have no partner for peace. Reply The reason The Real Jerusalem Streets was started was to get photos out in cyberspace to show the truth against the lies. Older Tel Avivians congregate in coffee shops debate with exaggerated hand movements, exchanging loud and heated arguments about the political situation, the price of gas and their pensions.

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Any Arab politician who makes a deal with Israel would go the way of Anwar Sadat.

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I am very impressed with your eloquence and setting out the facts as they are, and as I also perceive them to be. Israeli apartheid supporters might find it shocking that in Jerusalem. It is no wonder there are restrictions, and other measures in place to try to prevent these occurrences happening. Until then, we literally have no partner for peace. I was not sure where to start answering Sophia and you did it so well. Arafat stated unambiguously that the Palestine National Council accepted two states — Palestinian and Jewish. I saw this on a u-tube site and thought it appropriate:

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