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This cannot be happening; they are going to offer her up, completely naked as a sacrifice to their Snake Gods, while she is still Alive!! Suddenly from out of another hut comes a procession of native woman carrying on their shoulders a young blonde girl. Her entire back was covered in the animals and she could feel them weighing her down. She let out a gasp as it hissed at her. The next thing it did was remove one arm and then stick it to my side. November 28, 0. Each arm was release from my side but quickly pulled up and out and then restrained.

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Jill Valentine had made it into the back yard area of the Spencer Mansion.

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Fan Fiction Friday: Jill Valentine in “Snake in the Grass”

As she lay there limply, the snakes continued to molest her body. I tried to swim around it so I could get to my clothes but it was moving too quickly and I was forced to get out of the water away from my clothes. The snake slithered down my back. The liquid was thick and cool. The stuff being shot inside me caused the orgasm to start again. And I picked the snake up and manually wrapped it around my leg.

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snakes in girls vaginas stories
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snakes in girls vaginas stories
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