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Only to discover that there was something hard and round shoved inside her mouth, locking her jaw open. Originally, Shepard was supposed to be able to romance Kaidan, Ashley, and Liara regardless of Shepard's gender. When he didn't immediately begin cleaning up the delectable mess oozing enticingly over her tits, she arched her back, thrusting them skyward and wordlessly begging him to lick them clean. How fortunate that he'd come prepared. She didn't resist, and his cock jumped, eager as a puppy with a shiny new bone no pun intended. I could use a good read. As hilarious as it would be he didn't want his friend beaten into an unrecognizable mass by an unexploded Williams.

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He gave another sigh, put away the various aperatus and tried to get some sleep.

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One finger slid under the soft leather at her pulse point and twisted, tightening it slightly as though to say, without words: Miranda's omni-tool had long ago been inadvertently knocked aside and shut off as she leaned back, manipulating the vibrator harder and faster. For a while after that time seemed to dissolve into the background noise of reality as John reduced her to a creature of pure tension and sensation, heart pounding, body tingling as she teetered on a knife's edge of anticipation, wondering futilely what would be done to her next, never knowing what sensation she would be made to feel, where the next drop would fall, whether it would be a splash of heat or bite of cold, or how much or how little would dapple and drip over her glistening skin. Why would you even think that? Adorable Ashley Williams Beautiful.

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